Comics Panels-Working At Marvel Comics in the ’80’s at East Coast Comic Con, Secaucus, NJ 4/29/2017


Last week we shared the video of the panel of legendary Batman writer Denny O’Neil for the recent East Coast Comic Con. This week we are happy to share the panel on Working for Marvel in the 80’s.

The panel featured Bob Budiansky, known as an artist on Ghost Rider, as an Editor who oversaw the Spider-Man titles, and as the writer who came up with the names and back stories of most of the initial Transformers characters. It also featured Bob McLeod, who is probably best known for his work on New Mutants, Jim Salicrup, who was editor of the X-Men books during the Phoenix saga, and Ann Nocenti, known for her run as writer on Daredevil, co-creator of Longshot and editor of the X-Men books. Among the issues discussed are the creation of Venom, the death of Phoenix, the controversial Jim Shooter, working with John Byrne and Frank Miller and much more. It was moderated by John Trumball of Atomic Junk Shop.