celesteCeleste J. is a 16 year old who attended her first Comic Con May 13-15 when she went to the Motor City Comic Con in Novi, Michigan just outside of Detroit. We asked Celeste to share her experience to help others know what to expect, and to help show promoters get a better idea of what fans are thinking.

Overall, how was your first Con experience?

It was very enjoyable! All the booths and panels were fun to go to and all the costumes were spectacular!

What were some of the biggest surprises about the convention?

Definitely the huge amounts of effort put into the Con to assure incredible enjoyment (and of course safety) for the exhibitors and cosplayers.

What were some of the highlights?

The variety of panels. Some were the same idea with different guests and they made sure to plan accordingly for families with younger children.

What was disappointing or what would you have liked the Con to have done differently?

Having more room to walk through in the aisles would have been nice. With so many people and large and delicate cosplayers, it was a struggle to get around.

What do you wish you had known before you attended your first Con?

I wish I had known more about all of the great artists that were there. I would’ve loved to go through all their art before buying them so I bought more than a few.

Will you be going to more Cons in the future?

Absolutely! It’s definitely worth the time to go for even one day!

What will you do differently for the next one?

I think I will spend one day just walking around and taking pictures of cosplayers along with happily being photographed myself.

What advice do you have for others attending their first convention?

  • Wear comfortable shoes!!!
  • Take breaks! It can get overwhelming.
  • Make sure you have room on your camera for pictures!
  • Bring a friend! It’s more fun when you have someone to share it with!