Cosplay Photo Galleries-YoumaCon Detroit, Michigan November 3-6, 2016

Thanks to Celeste J. for sharing her photos of this year's YoumaCon with us!

News-Carrie Fisher Announced As Guest for New York Comic Con 2016

ReedPop has announced that the legendary Carrie Fisher will be a guest at the 2016 New York Comic Con. Fisher is best known for her role...

News-Creators React To Potential of Gun Dealers at Conventions

UPDATE 8/18/2016 11:30pm: The Chicago Tribune published a story tonight that interviews Wizard World's Jerry Milani as well as DS Arms owner Dave Selvaggio. Their...

Cosplay Photo Galleries-Baltimore Comic Con Baltimore, Maryland Day 2 9/23/2017

Our photographer Judy Duran was back at the Baltimore Comic-Con for Day 2 to capture all of the cosplay, and it really looks like...

TV Panels-Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles panel at Supernatural Con Houston 1/28/2017

We wish all panels opened with one of the shows actors belting out a Journey cover! In this case it was Supernatural's Rob Benedict and his band...

Bronze-Age Artist Ron Wilson to appear at VA Comicon

Veteran comic artist Ron Wilson will be appearing at the VA Comicon in Richmond, Virginia October 29-30. Ron was the second African-American artist hired by...

Cosplay Galleries-New York Comic Con Day 4 10/8/2017

We were back at The New York Comic Con for the fourth and final day today. The weather was a bit rainy in the...

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Cosplay Photo Galleries-Tampa Bay Comic Con August 2015

The photos are provided to Comic Con News by the Tampa Bay Comic Con. You can find hundreds of photos from their shows at

Cosplay Photo Galleries-Motor City Comic Con Day 1 5/19/2017

The Motor City Comic Con kicked off today in Novi, Michigan just outside of Detroit. Our Cosplaying reporter Celeste J. will be there all...

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