Wizard World recently announced their convention schedule for 2017. As they did in 2016, Wizard World will be producing 16 conventions. 12 will be returning shows, while 4 will be in new cities. Additionally, 1 show moves from the Spring to the Fall.

The cities that Wizard World had conventions in in 2016 that will not have conventions in 2017 are Las Vegas, Richmond, Tulsa and Pittsburgh. (There was also a 2016 Atlanta convention that Wizard World scheduled and then cancelled. It has not been scheduled for 2017.)

The new cities that have been added to their calendar are Columbus, Orlando, Nashville, and Oklahoma City.

Additionally, their convention in Madison, Wisconsin (where the University of Wisconsin is located) has been moved from April to September.

At this point there is limited information on the guests that will be attending the conventions, with a press release saying that more information will be coming closer to each show.