The Boston Comic Con has announced that the legendary Frank Miller will be appearing at their show. Miller will be appearing on Friday August 12th only, though the show runs Friday-Sunday.

Miller is widely acclaimed for his run as writer and artist on Daredevil, where he introduced Elektra. Following that, he went on to create the popular Wolverine mini-series for Marvel. He then moved over to DC to create the groundbreaking Batman: The Dark Knight Returns mini-series.

In the 1990’s he wrote and did the art for both Sin City and The 300.

The Boston Comic Con has announced that there are three different VIP programs for Miller’s appearance. The con says that this is the only way to guarantee getting an autograph from Miller. From the announcement:

“Please note that Frank Miller Platinum VIP Pass holders will receive their autographs during their exclusive one-hour meet & greet with Frank.  In addition, there will be 2 one-hour signing sessions.  During these times Frank Miller Gold VIP Pass holders and Frank Miller CGC VIP Pass holders will have their own priority line, and are guaranteed to receive their autographs.”

Regarding the possibility of getting an autograph without paying for a VIP package, the announcement adds:

It is possible that a limited number of Frank Miller autographs may become available to general admission ticket holders at a later date.   If available, these autographs will be free and limited to one item.  If and when their number and availability is confirmed, a special reservation system for these autograph opportunities will be set up, and existing general admission ticket holders will be notified as to timing.”

Photo of Frank Miller at 1982 San Diego Comic-Con by Alan Light
Photo of Frank Miller at 1982 San Diego Comic-Con by Alan Light

While unrelated, the news of Miller’s appearance gives us a good excuse to post this photograph of Frank Miller at the San Diego Comic-Con in 1982. He was selling published original art for $20-$125 per page and was doing commissions. Though as his sign makes clear, he would not draw any X-Men. (Except Kitty Pryde.)