Comics Panels-Legendary Batman & Green Lantern/Green Arrow Writer Denny O’Neil Panel at East Coast Comic Con, Secaucus, NJ 4/29/2017


The East Coast Comic Con took place last weekend in Secaucus, NJ and featured a great mix of comics creators and TV/Movie Celebrities.

The Hero Initiative, the comic industry non-profit dedicated to helping creators that have fallen on hard times brought the legendary writer Denny O’Neil as a guest in their booth.

O’Neil is know for bringing a realism into DC’s line of comics by writing the drug abuse issues of Green Arrow/Green Lantern. He also had a long, fondly remembered run on Batman, including creating Ras al Ghul. He also wrote the initial story of the iconic Superman vs Muhammad Ali one shot, with Neal Adams adapting the script.

We are proud to share his panel which took place on Saturday. In it, Mr. O’Neil discusses how he went from being a reporter in the Midwest to a comics writer in New York, thanks to writing a story about Roy Thomas. He also discusses his time at Marvel and Charlton Comics and working with Steve Ditko, his political opposite. The panel was moderated by Dan Greenfield of 13th Dimension.