Comics Panels-V For Vendetta Artist & Co-Creator David Lloyd Retrospective Panel at MoCCA Arts Festival NYC 4/2/17


This past weekend The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Arts and the Society of Illustrators held their annual Arts Festival in New York City. Unlike other conventions, this convention focuses on smaller publishers and independent artists, with almost no superhero work to be found.

One of the Guests of Honor at this year’s festival was David Lloyd who came over from the UK for the event. While David is best known as the artist and co-creator of the groundbreaking V For Vendetta (with Alan Moore) and the unique style he used in that book using no outlines, today he is a publisher, creating a weekly digital anthology comic called Aces Weekly.

Here we share his panel from the festival. It covers his early influences, his first work in the comics space, and how an early pairing with Alan Moore led to them working together again on V, and the artists and a very specific TV show that influenced it. David discusses how V has grown beyond the book and film to represent the resistance around the world, as well as his more recent projects, including his graphic novel Kickback. He discusses Aces Weekly and the challenges faced by a comic that is available exclusively in the digital space. During the question and answer period, David discusses giving away the very first page of V art to a raffle, and V and Watchmen pages for sale in a London comic shop for about $50!