Meet the Guests is where we showcase the creators that you may see at your local comic convention. This time around we feature artist Bill Morrison.

comicbook guy #1This is the time to be immodest. What work are you probably best known for?

It would have to be my incredible 102 issue run on Fantastic Four. Next to that, probably The Simpsons.

Do you charge for autographs?

No, I don’t charge for autographs. It’s my secret shame. Years ago I had  beautiful penmanship and would have charged up the ying yang for a signature, but I wasn’t famous then. Now that I’m a big shot cartoonist my handwriting has degenerated to the point that I would be ashamed to accept money for an autograph.

Do you charge for photos?

Only shirtless photos. (If you’re embarrassed, just ask for “The Putin”!)

THOH Cover ArtDo you do sketches at the cons? If so how do I get one?

Yes, just say pretty please and bat your eyelashes. Some people have contacted me prior to cons to get on my sketch list early. I’m not sure how they do it, so you’ll have to ask them (though I am on Facebook – Bill Morrison/Atomic Battery Studios.)

Can I arrange a sketch or commission ahead of time to be picked up at
the con?

I prefer not to take commissions ahead of time. I can’t be trusted.

Will you do drawings on sketch covers?

Yes, especially if it’s a comic I had absolutely nothing to do with.

Jetsons Robot Basher_Print_versionWhat types of other things do you usually have for sale at your table?

Usually comics and prints, though I occasionally have original art and merchandise items that bear my artwork (such as Little Mermaid Fish Sticks and Homer Simpson Hemorrhoid Donuts).

Do you have any particularly funny/interesting/weird convention story to tell?

Yes, I have a great one that involves Matt Groening and a young fan who ate one too many convention-dogs for lunch. It’s a much better story in person than in print, so ask me to tell it when you see me at a con near you!

What is the weirdest/coolest thing that you have been asked to draw?

Somebody once asked me to draw Santa’s Little Helper humping Radioactive Man’s leg. No kidding.

Who were you excited to meet at a con? (Either as an attendee or guest.)

Julie Newmar. No explanation necessary.

Any Con Pet Peeves?

Not really. I’m always happy to accommodate requests. There have been a few times when my table was right next to the men’s room. I’m not crazy about that.

Are you on social media? How can we follow you?

Facebook at Bill Morrison/Atomic Battery Studios, Twitter at @atomicbattery, Instagram at atomicbattery.

Bill’s Upcoming Convention appearances include:

California Comic Convention Jan. 29th –
Pasadena Comic and Toy Show Feb. 26th-
WonderCon (Signing at the  NCS booth) March 31st-April 2nd.