Erica Schultz at the New York Comic Con 2016

Meet the Guests is where we showcase the creators that you may see at your local comic convention. This time around we feature writer Erica Schultz.

This is the time to be immodest. What work are you probably best known for?

I’m probably best known for the award winning crime thriller, M3, with Vicente Alcázar and Revenge for Marvel. I’m also known for being one of Gail Simone’s handpicked writers for Dynamite’s Swords of Sorrow crossover series. Then there are some people who only know me from my quirky books Cheese and The Unauthorized Biography of Winston Churchill with artist Claire Connelly. Most recently, I was part of the DC Talent Showcase Writer Workshop Pilot Program. That’s a mouthful, I know. My Hawkgirl story will be out in November 2016.

Do you charge for autographs?

No, I do not.

Do you charge for photos?

I don’t charge for photos, either. I just ask that people don’t do the creeper thing and take photos of me when I’m not looking. That’s weird.

What types of other things do you usually have for sale at your table?

My usual spread at cons is the M3 trades, Swords of Sorrow, Revenge, Cheese, Churchill, and several anthologies I’ve worked on like Vertigo Pop and the Harvey Nominated 27 Club. I have prints for M3 at certain cons, and I sometimes have original artwork from Vicente Alcázar for sale, as well.

Do you have any particularly funny/interesting/weird convention story to tell?

I have a lot of convention stories, but I don’t know which one I should tell. Hmm… Okay, at a charity show in New Jersey with Paul Castiglia (Archie), a little boy, around five years old, came to my table. He was dressed as Green Lantern. I asked if I could see his ring, and his mom winced.

ME: What happened?

MOM: I forgot his ring. He’s still angry with me.

I told the little boy to come closer. I took out my art box, and I had some green construction paper in it. I measured his finger and made him a paper GL ring. The look of happiness on that little boy’s face was magical. I was so happy. HE was so happy, and he kept showing it to his mom. She thanked me for saving the day.

What is the weirdest/coolest thing that you have been asked to sign?

At Fan X Toronto in 2013, a fan came by in a hazmat suit. They asked me to sign that.

Who were you excited to meet at a con? (Either as an attendee or guest.)

At NYCC 2015, my incredible friend, Susan Eisenberg (the voice of Wonder Woman) took me to meet several of the voice actors of the Justice League cartoon show. It was amazing meeting Maria Canals-Barrera (Hawkgirl), Carl Lumbly (Martian Manhunter), Phil LaMarr (Green Lantern), and George Newbern (Superman).

Any Con Pet Peeves?

My biggest con pet peeve is ignorance. At every show there’s at least one person who comes up to my husband and assumes he’s the creator, despite there being a banner behind me saying, “Erica Schultz.” He just laughs and replies, “I’m the booth babe. My wife did all this.”

Are you on social media? How can we follow you?

I’m on Twitter. You can find me at @EricaSchultz42. Also I post to my website