Meet the Guests is where we showcase the creators that you may see at your local comic convention.

DSCN3137This is the time to be immodest. What work are you probably best known for?

I’m most well known for my work on Transformers G1: I edited the first Marvel mini-series, wrote 49 of the next 51 issues, penciled an occasional cover, named and created character profiles for about 250 of them, and was inducted by Hasbro into its Transformers Hall of Fame. I’m also known for my pencil work on the original Ghost Rider, as the creator and writer of Sleepwalker, and for my long editorial career at Marvel. Among other things, I was the creative director of 11 sets of Marvel Trading Cards in the early 90’s, including the original Marvel Masterworks set.

Do you charge for autographs?

My policy is I’ll sign the first six items for free. After that the meter starts to run.

Do you charge for photos?


Do you do sketches at the cons? If so how do I get one?

Yes, I do sketches at cons. The best way to get one is to get to my table early on the first day of the con and get on my sketch list. I’ll take your name and contact info, and when it’s done I’ll let you know. I don’t always get to all the sketches that are on the list.

Can I arrange a sketch or commission ahead of time to be picked up at
the con?

If you can figure out a way to contact me before the con, and give me enough lead time, I might be able to have the sketch ready for you upon arrival at the con, but I can’t guarantee it. I can be found on Facebook or via

Will you do drawings on sketch covers?

Yes. Warning–some of the paper used for those covers are really not that great for inking.

What types of other things do you usually have for sale at your table?

Poster prints of my artwork. Comic books that I’ve either drawn or written, which I’ll autograph for the buyer.

Do you have any particularly funny/interesting/weird convention story to

At a recent convention I met an artist for the first time who told me that early in his career he penciled a fill-in issue of a comic I was writing. That issue I didn’t write because I was running behind schedule, hence the fill-in. Soon after he drew that book he received a tax bill from the IRS for a couple of thousand dollars and he had no money to pay it–since he was so new to freelancing he wasn’t quite yet aware that he had to put aside money to pay taxes on his own. Luckily, soon after he received the tax bill he received a multi-thousand dollar royalty check for his work on that fill-in issue. So we both realized we have a special bond that dates back about 30 years even though we just recently met–thanks to my being late on my deadline, he was able to pay his taxes!

Who were you excited to meet at a con? (Either as an attendee or guest.)

I met Jim Steranko recently. That was pretty exciting. And at a London convention I met British actor Colin Salmon. I explained to him that the character he played in The Punisher War Zone movie, FBI agent Paul Budiansky, was named after me. We both got a big laugh out of that!

Any Con Pet Peeves? 

I used to not charge for autographs. But there have been many occasions when people–I think they’re usually fans, not dealers–have been waiting for me to show up at a convention in their area, and when I do they scour their collection for everything I had anything to do with and arrive with dozens and dozens of books for me to sign. That eats up a lot of time, which I could be using to interact with other fans and make money doing sketches. So I recently began the policy of charging for autographs–the first 6 are free, after that I charge.

Are you on social media? How can we follow you?

I’m on Facebook. I typically do not accept friend requests from people who know me from my work but whom I don’t know. But if people want to contact me, they can message me via Facebook. Or else the can contact me via