dragon con logoThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution posted a disturbing story today about an apparent sexual assault which took place at the Dragon Con Parade this past Saturday Sept. 3.

According to a facebook post by the victim, she was watching the parade of cosplayers, when someone rubbed up against her from behind. She turned around to find the man had exposed his genitals and had pressed them against her. It was then that the woman began screaming and hitting the man. That drew the attention of another parade watcher who happens to work for the Fulton County DA’s office, and who managed to take two photos of the man.

According to an update to the facebook post, the man’s identity is now known to the police, however as of this post, he does not appear to have been placed in custody yet.

Unfortunately, this is the second year in a row that a sexual assault has taken place at the Dragon Con Parade. Last year a man kissed and fondled a woman. He was later arrested.